Kubus BIMcollab adds issue management tools

BIMcollab logoThe cloud-based BIMcollab  issue management system for BIM, from Netherlands-based KUBUS, works with a variety of popular BIM applications based on OpenBIM, and there have been some interesting product launches in the first quarter of 2020.

BIMcollab-BricsCAD integration

In January, the company announced an integration with Hexagon-owned Bricsys, whereby a new BCF panel in the latter’s BricsCAD BIM V20 product lets users connect to the BIMcollab platform through its open API. The connected panel allows users to see, open and manage BIM model issues directly inside the BricsCAD BIM product environment, while working directly with the BIM model. BIMcollab’s open BCF API is based on BuildingSMART open standards, to better facilitate effective communications across a variety of BIM tools and workflows.

Using the panel, the BricsCAD BIM user can select an issue and have the relevant model elements automatically selected / highlighted. This workflow enables efficient communications of design issues, without the added hassle of sending emails and attachments back and forth via traditional channels. Users can add comments to model issues stored on the BIMcollab server and can change the status of issue notifications.

ZOOM and BCF manager updates

BIMcollab issue managementEarlier this month (10 March 2020), BIMcollab released a new version of its ZOOM and BCF manager tools, enabling faster, structured and customisable issue-management. Support for OpenBIM products was extended to opening Tekla BIMsight package-files (.TBP) in BIMcollab ZOOM, as was support for the open standardised BCF-API (“This means we have opened up the possibility in the near future to connect BIMcollab ZOOM and all BCF Managers to 3rd party issue management systems or Common Data Environments“).

BIMcollab ZOOM also offers an easy-to-use set of options to analyze, check and validate IFC data. Users can share Smart views and Clash rules with team members to share knowledge and best practices, and create issues to inform modelers about clashes or other errors. ZOOM also allows building owners and other stakeholders to keep a close eye on project progress, or even to join communication workflows.

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