Covering the contech space: AECTech.TV

AECExtranet Evolution is collaborating with Finland-based AEC Business to launch a new video magazine focused on the construction technology sector: AECTech.TV.

Paul Wilkinson and Aarni Haiskanen have collaborated in the past on podcast projects. The duo are now compiling an initial series of weekly magazine programmes. They aim to cover the game-changing technologies and trailblazing companies which are redefining the future of architecture, engineering and construction.


Aarni HeiskanenHaiskanen, right, says AECTech.TV will be a video channel that’s on the pulse of the digital transformation:

“Technologies evolve much faster than our capacity to make use of them. Will technology make or break your AEC business? It is more important than ever to know where technology is headed and what opportunities it creates for new and existing businesses. So this is the perfect time to critically rethink how you operate and make money in the built environment sector.”

Wilkinson says

“I have collaborated on an increasing number of podcasts, webinars and videos in the past couple of years. Like most people during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have seen growing use of video tools as people work from home. So, AECTech.TV aims to capitalise upon that new willingness to use do-it-yourself, low-cost audio-visual technologies. We want people talking about their businesses, their projects or their key issues. AECTech.TV is a magazine-style programme where contributors can voice opinions, share case studies, talk about their startups, or walk us through their projects or even their offices.

AECTech.TV is a weekly online show that features people and companies that envision, develop, and implement transformative technologies. The first edition is scheduled for release at 4pm BST on Thursday 3 September 2020, but each recorded show will also be available via the AECTech.TV YouTube channel for online viewing 24/7.

To share your experiences, insights, and ideas on the show, email to learn how you can contribute.

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