AECTechTV reaches milestone

AECTech TV, the video contech news magazine launched by “Extranet Evolution” and “AEC Business” on 4 September 2020, now has over 100 YouTube subscribers.

AECTechTV 102 subscribersThey are modest milestones and it’s very early days, but AECTech TV, the video contech news magazine announced in late August (Covering the contech space: AECTech.TV) and launched on 4 September 2020 (AEC Tech TV goes live), has reached almost 1000 views. Its first 200 minutes of programming has already prompted over 100 YouTube subscribers.

I co-produce and co-present the weekly news show with Helsinki, Finland-based friend and fellow blogger and construction digital evangelist Aarni Heiskanen. And in a busy digital space where podcasts and other digital offerings are mushrooming rapidly, it seems our niche focus has begun to secure a small but growing online following.

AECTechTV: Five episodes and counting …

Five episodes have been produced to date, each between 30 and 45 minutes, and we have been testing different formats. After experimenting with some in-depth news stories (both self-produced and developed with contributor partners), we then tried being a bit more ‘newsy’. Presenting some quick-fire digests of topical news and event updates seems to be working (both for us and for viewers). Our latest shows have each had around 10 items. Some are short pieces about forthcoming events; some review recent product launches, or other news about digital construction. Some expand on material Aarni and I have produced for our respective blogs; others are entirely bespoke for AECTech TV. Content has included:

Coming soon: AECTechTV content and season sponsorship options

AECTechTV is far from perfectly polished. We are producing this during a global pandemic, with all the constraints this imposes on both us as producers and presenters, and on our contributors. We are learning about the limitations of some hardware, software, file-sharing platforms and social media (while also continuing to work on our respective ‘day job’ projects). And we are also looking at ways to fund the project. Aarni obtained funding for the production of the initial four episodes, but we are now considering various sponsorship and paid-for production package options to help fund the continued costs.

Of course, the show would not be possible without the ideas, the time spared for interviews, and the additional content shared by our guest contributors, so we plan to produce a mix of editorially-curated and sponsored items. The editorial items will reflect our view of what’s newsworthy; we will talk to the people and organisations concerned and present their views as part of our own analyses. We are also in selective discussions with potential partners about sponsored co-produced packages that might be included in AECTechTV.

If you would like to be featured in AECTechTV or are interested in a sponsored co-produced item, please email

AECTechTV – Episode 3

AECTechTV – Episode 4

AECTechTV – Episode 5

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