3D Repo develops Unreal Engine-based 3D platform

London-based 3D Repo has been backed by the Unreal Engine developer Epic Games to create a data delivery platform that allows users to share massive 3D engineering models online.

3D-Repo-Logo-BlueGaming and enterprise technologies are converging to create new ways to deliver and visualise data. UK-based 3D Repo, for example, recently announced that US-based video game and software developer Epic Games (developer of the Unreal Engine used to power popular video-games such as Fortnite) had provided an ‘Epic MegaGrant‘ to the London-based business which it will use to build a new data delivery platform for the architecture, engineering and construction, AEC, industry.

The Epic MegaGrants programme, launched in 2019, is a US$100 million scheme devised by Epic Games to service and assist game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators and tool developers doing outstanding work with Unreal Engine or enhancing open-source capabilities for the 3D graphics community.

3D Repo: scalable 3D data delivery platform

Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine’s advanced real-time technology, 3D Repo says it has created an infinitely scalable 3D rendering and data delivery platform that allows AEC users to share and view massive and complex 3D engineering models online. CEO Jozef Dobos says:

Jozef Dobos“Over the past two years we’ve seen a gradual shift from BIM to Digital Twins, with more and more clients requesting high visual fidelity for both engineering and client presentation purposes, and the ability to explore vast 3D scenes in real-time.

“Our new digital twin streaming solution is a major breakthrough that will enable AEC professionals to collaborate remotely using very large and complex 3D models across the web. 3D Repo is delighted to receive the Epic MegaGrant to help push the boundaries and improve efficiency and quality of construction in the UK.”

D rendering and data delivery platform that allows AEC users to share and view massive and complex 3D engineering models onlineVia open APIs, the 3D Repo version control cloud connects with Unreal Engine, where pre-optimised assets are dynamically loaded directly into a running game, giving users the ability to log-in via their 3D Repo credentials and seamlessly retrieve any of their assets on the fly.

This is made possible through a persistent storage layer rather than parsing and baking assets into a new game executable each time an asset revision is created.

Ken Pimentel, AEC industry management at Epic Games, said:

“The new 3D Repo data delivery platform for Unreal Engine enables remote collaboration using very large and complex 3D models through the power of Unreal’s real-time technology. AEC professionals are running into a wall trying to visualise large-scale projects using existing solutions, and this effort shows what’s truly possible when innovative teams collaborate for a mutual goal.”

The integration library is now freely available for download at https://3drepo.com/downloads/#plugins.

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