About Paul Wilkinson

Paul WilkinsonAs a UK PR and marketing professional, freelance writer and journalist, and Web 2.0 enthusiast, I have worked in the construction industry since 1987.

I started in construction industry PR, marketing and publishing in 1987, working with professional services businesses, predominantly in the construction and ICT industries. I worked for the Halcrow consulting group for seven years before taking up senior in-house marketing and PR posts at Tarmac Professional Services (now part of Carillion). Before joining BIW in 2000, I was a freelance writer/journalist and ran a successful independent consultancy, with clients including BIW Technologies, HBG Construction, the Construction Best Practice Programme, the Building Centre Trust and construction consultant pcm. I joined BIW Technologies in 2000 before leaving to re-establish my consultancy, pwcom.co.uk Ltd, in Spring 2009.

Writing about construction IT, I produced a guide on website development for Construct IT in 2000, and contributed technology chapters to books on construction business development, on partnering and collaborative working, and on e-business in construction. My book Construction Collaboration Technologies: The Extranet Evolution – the UK’s first guide on the subject – was published in September 2005 by Taylor and Francis (available from Amazon). This blog started as a follow-up to that book, continuing the conversation online, and expanding the scope of collaboration discussed.

I make no pretence that this blog is totally neutral. When I worked for one of the UK’s leading vendors (a disclosure I made regularly), I tried to retain a neutral perspective, aiming to report on relevant industry developments, offering new perspectives by virtue of being an industry insider. I have since undertaken projects and done consultancy work for other vendors and industry customers (I continue to disclose such connections when writing about these organisations).

This blog has some advertising (Google AdSense), but does not accept advertising from vendors, nor does it publish paid-for or sponsored content (see also my Contact page). I am open to approaches from vendors to write about their products, services, business, etc, and will (very) occasionally publish guest blog posts. However, as editor/blogger, I am selective about content, aiming to remain focused on online AEC collaboration and related developments. With the exception of guest posts, all opinions are mine and any mistakes are down to me.

This blog began life in September 2005 on TypePad, but was migrated to a self-hosted instance of WordPress in April 2011. As a result of that migration, some links and images did not survive the transition. I endeavoured to fix broken links (but as some websites and blogs have changed or disappeared some links will never work) and to reinstate images, but there will still be some gaps. Apologies for any such issues.

Before employment in the construction industry, I worked for a legal charity while completing a doctorate in criminology at the London School of Economics (awarded 1993). I have lived in London since the early 1980s, but originally come from Cheshire in north-west England, hence my life-long support of an unfashionable football team: Crewe Alexandra. Sundays used to see me pedalling my way out of south-east London into north Kent on a bicycle – more rare now.

I have numerous social media places – most neatly summarised on my Google+ profile.

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