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BIM: Why should clients be bothered?

This blog post was an opinion piece for Constructing Excellence‘s December 2013 e-newsletter. Its author is Benedict Wallbank of SmartBIM Solutions (part of Graphisoft), who has contributed to recent CE and ThinkBIM events (the piece doesn’t seem to be more widely available, but I felt it should be). It is still a commonly held opinion …

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e-tendering still a minority pursuit


Three-quarters of firms still post or email tenders to their clients, despite the fact that e-tendering can reduce their costs and streamline the overall tendering process, reports Construction News, citing a report released last week by BCIS, the building cost information service of the RICS. The BCIS survey (PDF available here) – reflecting responses from …

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Site Waste Management Plans and collaboration platforms

  In England, Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) will become a legal requirement this weekend – from 6 April 2008 – and will affect anyone procuring, designing, planning or managing a construction project costing more than £300,000, plus suppliers to the construction industry, and environmental regulators ie: local authorities and the Environment Agency. Awareness of the …

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