Concord and T-Con

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In June 2017, US-based Concord Project Technologies launched its cloud-based collaboration platform T-CON aimed at EPCs and owners in the energy and petrochemical markets. I was recently asked about a collaboration business called Concord, and had to confess I had not heard of them. My contact referred me to Concord Project Technologies, a Palo Alto, …

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Digital construction autumn 2015

DCW image

Construction IT conferences: are we beginning to move beyond BIM and look at other, related fields, and to do so more affordably? The recent heavy focus on BIM has seen some UK construction IT conferences become a bit repetitive (and, sadly – particularly for SMEs – often expensive), featuring the same speakers, the same case studies, …

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State of the (mobile) nation

Mobicloud App Challenge

Next week I will be attending the two-day COMIT/Fiatech conference at The Crystal in London’s Docklands (30-31 October 2014 – see previous post). COMIT’s previous conferences have seen a lot of content crammed into a single day, but this year’s builds on Fiatech’s successful European Summit and the two-day joint event will allow consideration of a …

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COMIT combining forces with Fiatech

Earlier this year, I attended and spoke at the first European summit of Fiatech, the US-based but now increasingly international body focused on development and adoption of innovative practices and technologies to deliver business value throughout the life cycle of capital assets. The organisation is also closely aligned with the UK-based COMIT group, and next month the two will …

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BIM, augmented reality and collaboration

Costain/Network Rail AR

Reflecting my growing interest in mobile technologies and their application in the architecture, engineering and construction sectors, I have been involved with the UK-based organisation, COMIT (Construction Opportunities in Mobile IT) for some years [Disclosure: in late 2012 I joined the COMIT management board], attending events – like its BIM and mobility conferences (post) – …

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Fiatech awards UK BIM initiative its highest award


Fiatech, the US-based organisation focused on innovation in the capital projects industry, has chosen the UK Government and the UK construction industry as recipients of its highest honour, the James B. Porter, Jr. Award for Technology Leadership (news release). The award was presented yesterday in Texas to David Philp, Head of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Implementation (BIM …

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BIM in the field? Help this research…

MobiBIM conference - tell them Paul sent you

Through my involvement with UK-based membership organisation COMIT (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT), I have learned of a joint project it is undertaking with US partner Fiatech, focusing on field reporting via smart mobile devices. The research survey aims to collect information about the software currently being used for the application of BIM (Building Information Modelling) …

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FIATECH and COMIT to collaborate, but don’t forget the others…

At a Harvard University conference in Boston last year, I briefly met Ric Jackson of FIATECH and talked about the NCCTP’s efforts to develop a data exchange standard that would allow data to be transferred between different construction collaboration (‘extranet’) platforms. From a Cadalyst article, I see FIATECH has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with UK-based group …

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