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Memoori upgrade

In August 2008, I wrote about Memoori (see AEC-specific search), and having since met the company’s founder Jim McHale a few times (most recently last week), I can say the product, while still a little raw in places, is developing into a much more rounded offering. Given the wealth of generic search engine power we …

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Google enters browser battle

When I was finalising my book manuscript in early 2005, around 94 per cent of all web users used Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but as I noted on this blog later that year, other browsers – notably Mozilla’s Firefox – were beginning to nibble away at IE’s dominance (see Webware post for latest stats). And earlier …

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Construction and Web 2.0

I attended a meeting of one of Constructing Excellence‘s Collaborative Working Champions groups yesterday, and one of our debates concerned discussing and communicating the benefits of collaborative working. Some of the group were surprised that related issues (for example: Egan’s recent speech) and themes (technology, people and processes) were already being discussed on social media …

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Test Windows Live Writer

After noticing some issues with how my posts from an 18-month-old version of Live Writer to TypePad were being handled (titles not appearing, and selected categories being rendered as sequences of numbers), I am trying to narrow down the causes. I suspect it’s been caused by updates at TypePad (my Flock editor get similar results), …

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