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Hawthorn Glen v Aconex rematch: round one to Hawthorn Glen

According to Australian specialist news site StartUpSmart, a potentially acrimonious public showdown between SaaS construction collaboration provider Aconex and disgruntled shareholder Hawthorn Glen has been averted by a last minute settlement between the two sides. As noted in June (post), Hawthorn Glen had demanded access to Aconex documents relating to February’s EGM when a move to …

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Hawthorn Glen v Aconex: the rematch

Just over three years since an Aconex shareholder dispute with the management team was settled out of court, another legal action began on Monday in Melbourne – as I noted on Friday. The Australian construction collaboration technology provider is again being challenged by Hawthorn Glen and Ian Baillieu, this time over the conduct of an …

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Hosking steps down at Aconex

Martin Hosking resigned as a director and chairman of Melbourne, Australia-based construction collaboration technology provider Aconex on 15 June, according to a news release on its website. Mr Hosking will now “focus on his role as CEO of RedBubble,” having over the last seven years helped increase revenue by over 15 times. He is succeeded as chairman by …

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“Aconex Knickers in a Knot”

Following up my previous post (Aconex director under scrutiny), the latest (25 February) FirmSpy post, AAR Victoria’s Secret: Aconex Knickers in a Knot, paints an uncomfortable picture of Aconex‘s management of its relationship with its main legal advisor, Allens Arthur Robinson (AAR). It may all be, as it says, “scurulous rumour and gossip”, but FirmSpy …

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Aconex director under scrutiny

It appears that defeat of a minority shareholder’s resolution to remove the Aconex chairman Martin Hosking at an EGM last month (post 1, post 2) hasn’t ended the discontent within the highest echelons of the Melbourne-based construction collaboration technology business. Questions have now been asked about the role of another member of the board, with …

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Boardroom bickering back on the Aconex agenda

In a recurrence of wrangling that appeared concluded in 2008, a shareholder in Australia-based construction collaboration technology vendor Aconex has forced an Extraordinary General Meeting in Melbourne on 28 January 2011. The only resolution before that meeting seeks the immediate removal of chairman Martin Hosking as director of the company and was “received on behalf …

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Aconex reports…

Australia-based construction collaboration Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor Aconex has published its financial results for the year ending 30 June 2008. As with most annual reports and accounts, there is a lot of dry legal/accounting talk to wade through (thankfully, I am no accountant!), but for me the key points are: Aconex revenues and order book are …

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The Hard Way

Joint Aconex MD Leigh Jasper has been interviewed by Jodie O’Keefe for the April/May issue of Australian Anthill magazine (a magazine focused on fast-growth companies). The feature, The Hard Way, says Aconex “now employs over 300 people servicing 4,950 projects in 65 countries” (including Romania). Considering Aconex has still yet to conclude a lengthy legal dispute …

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Aconex twist = non-event

Further to my recent post about reopened legal proceedings involving Australian-based collaboration technology vendor Aconex and its two joint MDs, it seems that last week’s hearing was a bit of a non-event. After the hearing on 19 March, the Notice of Motion filed by Aconex shareholder Hawthorn Glen on 27 February 2008 was dismissed, but any decision on costs relating to …

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Aconex shares row – another twist

From time to time, I have a quick look at the Federal Court of Australia website to see if the case of Hawthorn Glen Pty Ltd -v- Aconex Pty Ltd, Rob Phillpot and Leigh Jasper has been resolved. Regular readers will know that construction collaboration business Aconex and its MDs have been engaged in a protracted …

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