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Not a wiki – Google Sites

And so it came to pass…. As rumoured in December (see my post Google to target collaboration), the Google-acquired JotSpot has been relaunched as Google Sites, part of Google Apps (see Cnet post: JotSpot reincarnated as Google Sites, and Rafe Needleman’s Don’t call it a wiki: Google Sites finally launches). The Google Sites overview doesn’t use the term Wiki, …

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Google to target collaboration

Over two years ago, I first wrote about the JotSpot collaboration tool; 13 months ago, I noted that JotSpot had been acquired by Google. Today, via TechCrunch‘s Michael Arrington, I have been reading about Google’s 2008 plans for Google apps, and it appears Google is planning to deliver collaboration tools based on the JotSpot technologies that “will …

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Online collaboration via Vyew

I blogged last year about JotSpot’s wiki product (acquired by Google). Another tool in the similar area is Vyew, a web conferencing solution (mentioned by Lars Plougmann). I like the idea of being able to share documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, etc online with mark-up, whiteboarding, and text-chat all enabled via a standard browser. And best of all, it’s currently …

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