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Aconex reports…

Australia-based construction collaboration Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor Aconex has published its financial results for the year ending 30 June 2008. As with most annual reports and accounts, there is a lot of dry legal/accounting talk to wade through (thankfully, I am no accountant!), but for me the key points are: Aconex revenues and order book are …

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Aconex gets private equity injection

The Australian business press (eg: Melbourne’s The Age, Australian IT, MIS Australia, Smart Company Briefing) has been busy reporting news that Australia-based SaaS-based construction collaboration technology vendor Aconex has secured a AU$107.5m (£48.8m) private equity investment (see also Aconex news release and listen to ZDnet Australia podcast). Not since the reckless days of the dot.com …

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The Hard Way

Joint Aconex MD Leigh Jasper has been interviewed by Jodie O’Keefe for the April/May issue of Australian Anthill magazine (a magazine focused on fast-growth companies). The feature, The Hard Way, says Aconex “now employs over 300 people servicing 4,950 projects in 65 countries” (including Romania). Considering Aconex has still yet to conclude a lengthy legal dispute …

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Aconex shares row – another twist

From time to time, I have a quick look at the Federal Court of Australia website to see if the case of Hawthorn Glen Pty Ltd -v- Aconex Pty Ltd, Rob Phillpot and Leigh Jasper has been resolved. Regular readers will know that construction collaboration business Aconex and its MDs have been engaged in a protracted …

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Aconex results hit by legal row

Some three months ago, I had a look at the 2006 financial results for Australia-based construction collaboration vendor Aconex, noting that its 2007 results would be available in November (as per Aconex marketing chief Frank Carron’s comment). After a slight delay (auditors requested an extension of time as some areas required additional testing), the latest …

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