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COMIT to look at information mobility

For the past two years, one of my November event highlights has been the annual conference of COMIT (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT). Building information modelling (BIM) and mobile IT remain themes for 2013’s edition, to be held at London’s Institute of Physics on 7 November 2013. However, under the heading “Information Mobility“, the range of topics …

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Bentley ProjectWise to get more ‘cloudy’ with Bentley Connect

I first encountered Bentley ProjectWise when writing a case study about its use by London-based DLG Architects in 1999, and the product has been in my peripheral vision almost ever since. While my main focus over the past decade has been on Software-as-a-Service, I know ProjectWise has been widely used as a locally-hosted solution for …

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COMIT #MobiBIM conference pushes cloud-based data and tools

I attended COMIT‘s latest conference, on BIM and Mobility, at London’s Building Centre on Thursday, and tweeted a lot of the event highlights (my ‘co-tweeter’ Su Butcher helpfully created a great Storify stream where you can see the event unfold). As usual with COMIT events, the conference was a healthy mix of construction people and technology …

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Come to a COMIT event!

In addition to its Building Information Mobility (#MobiBIM) event in London on 15 November (post), COMIT (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT) has two other UK events in the near future. Both are invitation-only, but the nice people at COMIT may have a few spare places: Thursday 27 September: The Emperor’’s New Clouds – an invitation-only afternoon …

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BIM in the field? Help this research…

MobiBIM conference - tell them Paul sent you

Through my involvement with UK-based membership organisation COMIT (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT), I have learned of a joint project it is undertaking with US partner Fiatech, focusing on field reporting via smart mobile devices. The research survey aims to collect information about the software currently being used for the application of BIM (Building Information Modelling) …

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#MobiBIM 2012

One of the best events I attended last year was a conference on building information modelling (BIM) and mobile IT, organised by COMIT (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT). I applauded the combination of the two topics when it was announced last year, and I am pleased that COMIT is running the event again – this year on …

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CadFaster speeds up BIM conversations

At COMIT’s (excellent) conference on BIM and mobile technologies (#mobiBIM) at University College London on 11 November (post) I met Tuomas Holma, VP Sales and Marketing of Finland-based CadFaster. We subsequently arranged to meet up, along with CadFaster’s chairman Raimo Kuismin, so that he could tell me more about CadFaster’s flagship product’s collaborative capabilities. A …

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COMIT–where BIM meets augmented reality, point clouds and QR Codes (among other things)

Two weeks ago, I mentioned COMIT, Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT, and its forthcoming conference on how smart mobile devices can be used to add value to BIM. Since then (last week), I have attended the COMIT community day and AGM (held at BSRIA, Bracknell) and, from the round-table discussions, it was clear that some …

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COMIT combining BIM and Mobile


For some years, my construction IT interests have brought me into regular contact with COMIT, Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT. My frequency of contact with this membership organisation has grown as construction collaboration vendors like BIW, Asite and Aconex (among others) have developed mobile applications to interface with their web-based services, and as professionals have …

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