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Asite asides

Asite is not the only business proposing to de-list from London’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM – see post and follow-up). According to The Guardian, research by law firm Trowers & Hamlyn shows that de-listings are up a record 33% in the year to March 2009, as the credit crunch forces many to the wall. Financial …

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Microsoft in cloud cuckoo land

I enjoyed John Naughton’s demolition of other journalists’ slavish reporting of Microsoft in yesterday’s Observer (see Slavish reporters join Microsoft in cloud cuckoo land). Some of the reporting he ridiculed as “hooey”, including Steve Ballmer’s assertion that Microsoft was somehow a ‘David’ compared to Google’s ‘Goliath’. As reported elsewhere (eg: ZDnet), Ballmer, during his brief …

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Information meltdown

There’s been lots of talk about the credit crunch – now, techies are talking about the ‘broadband crunch’, apparently. Yesterday’s Observer newspaper had a feature, Video boom threatens to gridlock the internet, which said that “the amount of data travelling across the internet is growing so fast that the network could become overloaded and grind …

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IT and sustainable construction – 3

I spoke at yesterday’s  EMCBE Expo 2007 Construction Conference in Rockingham, Northamptonshire, on the theme of Sustainability: the IT contribution (see previous post). Due to time constraints (more about that in a moment), I couldn’t use all the material I intended. I had brought with me a press cutting from Sunday’s Observer newspaper of this …

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