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Five SaaS myths debunked?

At ITPro, Nicole Kobie writes about Gartner’s warnings to businesses about Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The IT analysts say firms need to take a good look at the delivery model before jumping aboard the bandwagon, despite the apparent attractions of the model during a recession (Gartner’s views also covered by Brian Tinham at Manufacturing Computer Solutions). Myth …

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Web conferencing, ICT and paper savings?

Earlier this week, I wrote about web conferencing and its potential contribution to reducing carbon footprints by eliminating some travel. In a comment, Cece Salomon-Lee of ON24 noted that such online sessions also reduce the need to print out copies of presentations, etc (assuming, of course, that participants don’t later download the presentations and print them out …

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IT and sustainable construction – 3

I spoke at yesterday’s  EMCBE Expo 2007 Construction Conference in Rockingham, Northamptonshire, on the theme of Sustainability: the IT contribution (see previous post). Due to time constraints (more about that in a moment), I couldn’t use all the material I intended. I had brought with me a press cutting from Sunday’s Observer newspaper of this …

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