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Autodesk to shift design tools to the cloud?

BIM in the cloud

Both The Register and The Cloud Circle (among others) have reported that Autodesk is to move more of its existing client/server designer applications to run as cloud-based solutions, Amazon Cloud [update: 27 September news release], deployed via Amazon EC2. Both cite the example of SaaS-based construction collaboration platform Buzzsaw as an example of Autodesk’s experience in …

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Hosking steps down at Aconex

Martin Hosking resigned as a director and chairman of Melbourne, Australia-based construction collaboration technology provider Aconex on 15 June, according to a news release on its website. Mr Hosking will now “focus on his role as CEO of RedBubble,” having over the last seven years helped increase revenue by over 15 times. He is succeeded as chairman by …

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Aconex chairman in Hitler t-shirt row

Martin Hosking, chairman of Melbourne, Australia-based SaaS construction collaboration technology vendor Aconex, is also chairman of a totally separate online arts community, RedBubble (read his Wikipedia profile here). This has a sideline t-shirt operation which has become embroiled in a controversy about selling t-shirts with Hitler and Holocaust motifs. The ‘Hipster Hitler’ controversy has now been simmering …

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