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From Asite to Adoddle

London-based Software-as-a-Service construction collaboration technology vendor Asite has a completely new website and has also renamed its platform Adoddle. A hand-drawn cartoon character resembling (to me) a cross between a light-bulb and a rocket is used to personify and represent the offering (previously branded simply Asite). ‘Addodle’ is shown beating the ‘chaos monster’, and, in …

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Asite opens US offices

The expansion of once UK-focused SaaS construction collaboration providers into the US market continues. Asite has just announced it is opening an East Coast office in New York, and a West Coast office in San Francisco, continuing what Tony Ryan, Asite CEO, says is “measured expansion of our successful AEC focus into the USA” (news …

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Asite grows revenues and profits

London-based software-as-a-service construction collaboration and e-procurement technology vendor Asite has published its financial results for the year to 30 June 2011. Revenue was up 44% to £2.914m from 2010 (£2.021m) and overall operating profit for the period more than tripled, up from 2010’s £0.133m to £0.422m. Looking ahead, Asite says it is continuing to invest …

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UK construction SaaS vendors continue to battle for contract admin customers

Since I ventured that contract administration would be the new battleground for construction collaboration technology providers, I have watched the various SaaS vendors try to outdo each other with their marketing and PR efforts, particularly regarding the NEC contract suite. The appointment of two NEC licensed content providers in late 2010 saw both firms ramp …

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Asite does enterprise deal with Canary Wharf Contractors

Asite seeks to differentiate its collaboration offering through its own definition of ‘pure SaaS’. According to a news release earlier this week, London-based construction collaboration vendor Asite has signed a five-year enterprise deal to provide its SaaS platform to support Canary Wharf Contractors’ projects. I don’t normally write about new deals, but there were a …

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Asite’s Appbuilder and Platform-as-a-Service

UK-based construction collaboration software developer Asite is looking to emulate Salesforce‘s Force.com Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering by creating a platform to host construction-related applications built using its Appbuilder development framework. This is the latest development in the competitive world of construction collaboration technology, but is likely to be quickly emulated by Asite’s key rivals. Background Ten …

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Asite reaches profitability

It’s taken a while, around nine years in fact, but UK construction collaboration technology vendor Asite has finally reached profitability. According to unaudited figures in a trading statement released on its website today, the London-based company had gross revenues of £2.079m in 2009 (up 10% from £1.89m in 2008), and partly by driving down operating …

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Asite non-exec boosts shareholding

Gordon Ashworth, one-time CEO of UK-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) collaboration vendor Asite and now a non-executive director, has taken advantage of the company’s low share-price (down to an all-time low of 1.25p recently) to bag a further 156,250 shares at an average price of 1.41 pence. According to today’s London Stock Exchange announcement, he now holds …

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More Asite director share buys

Just about the only significant dealings in construction collaboration vendor Asite shares these days appear to involve the company’s directors. Less than a fortnight after a couple of non-executive directors bought shares, yesterday it was announced that MD Tony Ryan and COO Nathan Doughty had increased their shareholdings. Tony purchased 146,260 shares at an average …

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A SaaS CEO’s perspective

I noted last month (see Valuing SaaS businesses) that a couple of UK construction collaboration technology providers were speaking at the SIIA OnDemand Europe conference in Amsterdam, alongside representatives from Adaptive Planning and Huddle.net. If you’ve got the stamina, you can view a 38-minute video of one of the sessions here; here’s a few points …

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