The BBC reports Global wi-fi plan gets $22m boost, describing investment in a three-month-old Spanish – Fon – start-up aiming to build a network of broadband users to share connections wirelessly when away from home.

The article talks of ‘Foneros’, ‘Linuses’, ‘Bills’ and ‘Aliens’ in explaining the founder’s vision: "a truly broadband wireless internet everywhere". It stresses that the network requires active involvement by the leading internet service providers, as most ISPs currently ban the communal sharing of wireless internet connections. However, that does not mean to say that it doesn’t happen – whether intentionally or by accident or oversight; like some of my friends, I discovered that I could access a neighbour’s wi-fi network, and many corporate wi-fi networks extend outside the footprint of the company building. I will be watching the Fon initiative with interest.

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