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According to a news release on Buildingtalk.com, UK-based enterprise content management software vendor Datum International has released a version of its KnowledgeWorker software aimed specifically at the construction sector. It says the software provides firms with “central control over drawings management and health and safety procedures”.

Reading the Datum website description of KnowledgeWorker it sounds more like a generic internally-hosted intranet solution than a construction-focused ‘extranet’ solution. If Datum are serious about targeting the construction market (I could only find one news release relating to a construction customer – civil engineer Peter Duffy Ltd), I think it would be competing against Union Square and perhaps Business Collaborator, both of whom have implemented intranet-type systems in numerous construction businesses. But its intranet product will not have the strong track record demanded by many construction companies nor deep construction-focused expertise, and it will certainly struggle to compete in the extranet market where there are some very strong on-demand vendors with long experience in the UK AEC sector.

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    • Trevor Cole on 28 June 2007 at 3:29 pm

    I noted your article and would just like to say that Datum has one of the largest European Construction companies based in Greece using the system ELLINIKI TECHNODOMIKI. Other companies in the sector include Capital Structures and KnowledgeWorker having competed directly with Union Square only just recently was selected by the London based Architect Firm The Thomas Saunders Partnership. Our pedigree in this sector is growing month by month and the benefit of KnowledgeWorker being generic is that the system offers a new perspective and all inclusive solution that is easy to maintain for construction companies across the world.
    We offer an invitation for you to review the system as knowing the competition mentioned we can honestly say there is no comparison.

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