Desktop tools

UK construction collaboration technology provider Asite is now offering a desktop application, Asite Navigator, integrated with its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.

The tool is described by Asite as “an innovative client application (ie: installed on your PC) that removes the need for you to manage files manually between your office and your collaboration environment”. In short, it is a publishing tool aimed at designer users who might need to synchronise large numbers of files between online and offline environments. It costs £15 per month.

I’m not sure it’s exactly ‘innovative’ (is it “something like nothing done or experienced or created before”?). UK rival 4Projects has long had its own 4Projects desktop application that gives users “an alternative method of interacting with the extranet, with files and folders seamlessly integrated within their existing file system”. While not a core feature of 4Projects’ SaaS application, it is also an option clearly aimed at designers, and, unlike the Asite offering, it’s free to 4Projects users.

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