Show us the numbers, Cadac

I have railed before (Give us the figures, Cadweb!) about construction collaboration technology vendors trumpeting how much their business has grown without actually giving us any figures to substantiate their hype. Latest offender is Netherlands-based Cadac who developed Organice, a document management solution based on Microsoft’s SharePoint system (see post). A Cadac Organice BV news release talks vaguely about “strong growth” then says: “The number of customers was almost doubled and the number of sold licenses was more than quadrupled”. But unless you know the starting points for these figures, and – more importantly – what these translate into in terms of revenues and profitability – they are almost meaningless (no journalist I know would use such a vague release as the basis for a story).

The release has a bracket saying “preliminary results”, so perhaps Cadac will be a little more explicit when the final results of Cadac Group Holding over 2009 are presented (c. May 2010) during its annual stakeholders meeting. A report on its 2008 results showed total revenues of €26m, and an EBITDA of €2m, but there is no breakdown of the results by product group, so we are none the wiser about how well the Cadac Organice BV business was doing.

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