ICT4Construction, 25 March 2011

I will be talking about “The state of construction collaboration – and where do we go from here”, and am now also chairing the ICT4Construction conference on Document & Knowledge Management Technology, at Central Hall, Westminster, London on Friday 25 March 2011.

Organiser Recep Saffet has brought together speakers from a range of vendors (many of whom have featured in this blog), including:

I am somewhat apprehensive about chairing this event, not least because I lamented how little debate was created at the previous ICT4Collaboration event last October (post), but I suppose this is my chance to try and stimulate some discussion. I also hope vendor representatives don’t just pitch their products, services and clients. (And at £79.95, it’s great value for money.)

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    • Dave Glennon on 17 February 2011 at 11:59 am

    Is it value for money? The last event was £80 to sit through a vendor day that would normally be free.
    That said having you chair it has encouraged me to spend my money again…. No pressure….

    • Paul Wilkinson on 17 February 2011 at 1:03 pm

    Thanks, Dave. Running events is difficult in the current economic climate. Training and marketing budgets are tight, hitting both potential attendees and sponsors or contributors.
    As I suggest, I’m keen that this isn’t just a vendor showcase. I will be pushing speakers to provide some useful generic information, and to debate/comment upon some industry issues not just the pros and cons of their respective systems.

  1. Hi Paul,
    Looking forward to you chairing the event.
    I do agree with you about the last event. Far too many of the speakers simply made product presentations which was not what I was expecting. I was frankly astonished.
    As you know, I spoke at that one too on the topic of carbon savings using online collaboration which I felt hit the mark and was more of the sort of material people expected.
    Whilst vendors naturally want to promote their proeducts, and at 4Projects we are no exception, there has to be some generic educational benefits from the talk.
    I am more hopeful for this event and think that if the speakers get it right it will be extremely good value. Definately worth a visit.
    Clare Watson – 4Projects

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