New era for is now running on a new platform (a self-hosted installation of WordPress, which also supports my other sites, and the pwcom blog). I hope you like the new look and feel of the site(s).

The migration of nearly six years’ worth of blog posts (1100 of them!) has not been easy and there is still some considerable work to do to import images and to fix broken links (while TypePad makes it easy to export the basic content, it is still absurdly difficult to manage the insertion of original images and to reconstitute internal links, and I have learned that some plugins don’t work on a network of multiple WP sites running v3.1.1). I have made a start with ensuring the integrity of the most recent blog posts and will be gradually working my backwards through less recent posts. If you came here looking for something in particular that has now apparently disappeared, let me know and I will do some searching.

I have also taken the opportunity to prune the lists of sites I used to link to (some blogs had been discontinued, others had not been updated for months). If I have omitted your site from the blogroll, please send me a link.

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  1. Nice one Paul. Nice and clean and I like the order of the right hand column; tag cloud, search, categories and then the subscription options.

  2. Thanks for the comment, David.

    It’s still “work in progress” as there are a lot of dead links to check and a lot of illustrations to reinstate (assuming I still have them and/or the source material is still around!). The temptation is to tinker a lot, but once I have the broken links, etc, sorted, I will try to focus on producing new posts rather than playing around with the theme, widgets, etc.

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