Thru: enterprise-level file transfer platform

Over the past decade or more, I have heard numerous construction people say they don’t really need to collaborate upon a document or drawing, they just need to share it quickly and securely with a colleague. For them, FTP (file transfer protocol) used to be an option; more recently, generic cloud-based storage such as DropBox and (post) have presented alternatives, and I’ve blogged about AEC-specific services such as HP’s ePrint&Share (recent post), and Adobe’s (post). Earlier this year, I encountered Skydox, and via Twitter this morning, I learned about another: Thru.

Thru-logoIrvine, Texas, USA-based Thru provides a File Transfer Platform and describes it as “the first and only secure dropbox solution to meet enterprise needs.” It plainly regards DropBox and similar solutions as consumer-type products unsuitable and insecure for corporate use, and is highlighting its platform’s use by customers including a handful of US-based architects and contractors: HKS, SWA Group, Webcor Builders (example case study) and BSA Structures. The website mentions integration with Microsoft Solutions including SharePoint and Outlook, plus Lotus Notes and Thru also has offices in the UK (Camberley, Surrey) and Australia.

Update (12.30pm GMT) – The site carries no pricing information – as one of my Twitter correspondents suggests: “… wary of services that don’t offer their pricing on their website… It spells $$$”. Perhaps Thru will comment…?

Update (8am, 20 December 2012) – Via Twitter @ThruMFT replied: “Our focus is large business -we don’t list pricing since SEs [sales engineers] work with our clients to tailor solutions that fit exact needs.”

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    • Sean Kaye on 14 January 2013 at 12:26 pm

    Ha! SE’s – it’s expensive for sure now. offer integration with most single-sign on standards, integrate with Sharepoint and (among others out of the box) and for the most part put pricing right on the front page.

    Storage is a commodity, you can slap as much lipstick on the pig as you like, but it’s always going to be a pig.

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