Bridgit adds mobile project insights

Canada’s Bridgit is now offering more detailed reporting capabilities to support its mobile construction solution users.

Bridgit logoOntario, Canada-based mobile-first software developer Bridgit has been on my radar since August 2014 when, to support its core Closeout application, it started testing wearable technologies. Since then, its announcements have mainly related to funding and to core software developments – closing a US$1.7 million seed round in April 2016, for example, and launching an Android version of its Closeout application in June 2017.

This week (18 September 2017) it has announced the launch of a new data-driven feature: Project Insights collects real numbers from the site, and uses them to present a high-level summary of the project. Bridgit says developers and general contractors can use Project Insights to:

  • Share progress with stakeholders
  • Monitor overdue tasks
  • Identify problem areas and bottlenecks
  • Hold subcontractors accountable with performance metrics

Mallorie Brodie, Bridgit Co-founder and CEO (right) says:

Mallorie Brodie - Bridgit CEO“This is a game-changer for Bridgit Closeout. Our users have always had access to reports that filter and summarize the tasks on site. Project Insights is different; it calculates high-level progress metrics that give quick insight about a project’s status and team performance.”

Project Insights pulls numbers from the task lists on site, and uses them to calculate project metrics that are not available in a typical site management report. With a quick glance at the Bridgit web application, users can see how many tasks are completed, the average age of incomplete tasks, and subcontractor performance week-over-week.

These features will be familiar to the users of other mobile-first construction applications I’ve featured in recent months (see, for example, my post on, while they are also common to the mobile tools supporting the leading SaaS collaboration platforms (eg: Aconex Field, Viewpoint Field View). Bridgit says it plans to expand the metrics available in Project Insights; “This is just the beginning,” confirms Brodie. “We plan to grow the feature further, using feedback and suggestions from our users.”


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