How web 2.0 friendly is AEC ICT?

I have thinking a lot about Web 2.0 stuff today. Over and above my day job and my usual background Tweets, RSS and blog-watching, I have been trying to help move the proposed BE2camp event along (we now have a potential central London venue for the October event, with interest from contributors in the US and Australia already), have been working on a new corporate blog project, and have been reading sporadic Tweets about this week’s BuildLondonLive (see yesterday’s post).

Tomorrow, I will be at the BuildingSMART conference, and – with my Web 2.0 hat on – I was wondering whether I might live-blog from the event? There will be lots of AEC techie people at the event, but I am not sure how far the organisers will have embraced the immediacy of Web 2.0 tools. Yes, I could ‘microblog’ (via TwitToday on my phone, for example), but I think it would be more informative if I could publish a steady stream of updates from the conference. I will have to see what connectivity I can get at the RIBA and then decide.

BuildLondonLive, BuildingSMART and Be2Camp all offer different perspectives on use of ICT tools by the AEC industry. I suspect tomorrow will be very mainstream – pretty much focused on high-end BIM tools and other established AEC technologies and processes, whereas October will, I think, be more experimental and potentially more cutting-edge and collaborative.

(I started composing this post on the train en route to a Chartered Institute of Public Relations seminar on PR for the London Crossrail project. “I wonder how geared up that event, and the project itself, will be to bloggers?” I wrote before I shut down my PC. I was pleasantly surprised when, after his presentation, Crossrail PR & Communications manager Alick Whitfield said he was very much alert to both the threats and opportunities offered by blogs, Facebook and the like.)

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