Two recent UK vendor news releases

Asite, SaaS North America and ReproMAX sign Strategic Relationship

A 30 November 2010 release from Asite, says US-based reprographics firm ReproMAX has signed a “major contract” with Asite’s distributor in North America (SaaS North America) to supply and host its “web-based collaborative Software as a Service (cSaaS)”. Let’s just dissect the announcement a little bit….

ReproMAX has featured previously in Extranet Evolution. In April 2006, the company appeared to be a beneficiary of tie-up between Meridian Systems and Adenium, delivering a solution branded ReproMAX DFS (June 2006), and in February 2009 I noted that McGraw-Hill Construction had formed a partnership with Meridian to support this system.

SaaS North America, registered in Delaware but operating from an office in Ontario, Canada, is a new name on the construction collaboration SaaS circuit (its website domain name was registered just six months ago), with Al Douglas, a former print company executive with extensive experience of Documentum, named as its CEO.

The release is significant insofar as it shows Asite is following Aconex, 4Projects and BIW Technologies in targeting the north American market. While Aconex and 4Projects are establishing their own offices in the US (4Projects’ sales director Jason Warde recently relocated to the Washington DC area), BIW and Asite appear to be more reliant upon local partners and are trying different routes to market (BIW is working with Sage CREpost – to build on its existing AEC financial software reseller network, while Asite is apparently now tackling it from a reprographics angle). The release might also suggest a change in the relationship between ReproMAX and Meridian; is Asite now its favoured SaaS collaboration technology partner?

BIW and ISG sign new deal

And talking of BIW, a friend alerted me to a news release yesterday from Woking, Surrey-based construction collaboration technology or (as it increasingly styles itself) “project control” provider, announcing an enterprise agreement with UK contracting and services business ISG. A little surprisingly, the release doesn’t mention that this continues a relationship between BIW and ISG that dates back to 2001 with the most recent renewal in May 2008. “Not sure whether was an oversight or them wanting to position this as new business,” commented my contact.

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