COMIT combining BIM and Mobile

For some years, my construction IT interests have brought me into regular contact with COMIT, Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT. My frequency of contact with this membership organisation has grown as construction collaboration vendors like BIW, Asite and Aconex (among others) have developed mobile applications to interface with their web-based services, and as professionals have started to look at smartphones and tablet devices as viable platforms for more than voice and text communication. As a result, COMIT is enjoying a resurgence of interest from industry organisations and from technology businesses looking to develop tools for use across the built environment.

COMIT is looking to capitalise upon the current UK buzz around Building Information Modelling (BIM), and its third annual conference, this year at University College London on 11 November 2011, will be focusing on how smart mobile devices can be used to add value to BIM.

I have attended both previous conferences (last year’s was at Microsoft’s London HQ) and learned a lot about cutting-edge deployment of mobile technologies, from use of RFID and GPS to track site deliveries to the deployment of private social networks and industry use of augmented reality. This year’s BIM-themed event promises to be just as fascinating and will feature speakers from the Institution of Civil Engineers, BT, Bentley, Halcrow, Costain, Timico, COMIT, Korec and Objective Computing. I will also be presenting briefly (on industry use of social media) – but don’t let that put you off! To book, click here (and tell them Paul sent you!).

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