Sherlayer CDE – an update

Sherlayer logoJust over three years ago, I noted Belfast, Northern Ireland-based Sherlayer was about to launch as a Software-as-a-Service, browser-based collaboration platform for construction. Their name cropped up again in conversation with another technology vendor this week so I took a fresh look at the Sherlayer website.

Sherlayer is a product developed by Sherwood Systems, a Sage reseller and IT systems provider (it also has an office in Dublin; in September 2015, the company also launched a 3D PDF conversion service, Sher3D, but this appears to be no longer available).

The core offering is a “dynamic drawing, document and audit management” solution for the construction industry, offered as a complete solution (“One product, one price – … no set-up fees, no cancellation fees, switching fees, or complicated modules. Once you agree a price you get the full package”), and claims to be “up to 60% less expensive” than its competitors.

Pricing-wise, the Sherlayer product is offered via three different licensing approaches – per project, per user (minimum three users, at £14 per user per calendar month, with “bespoke pricing available for 20+ users”) or per company. The latter two models both allow unlimited projects and users. A two-month free trial offer is also available.


Sherlayer dashboardIn 2015, Sherlayer was described as “BIM Level 2-compliant”; the product features are aimed at managing both BIM and non-BIM projects, and Sherlayer is positioned as a common data environment (CDE) that will help an organisation achieve BIM Level 2. It supports 3D model viewing in the browser, and provides various communication channels including instant messaging, push notifications, screen-sharing and video-conferencing. All data, including conference audio, is securely stored and cannot be deleted, ensuring auditability. Other features include a document upload system that helps ensure BS1192:2007-compliant file naming and numbering, and the ability for users to check files out of the platform to work on them. BIM support apparently also includes approval processes, 3D IFC federated models, and COBie data.

The business appears focused on small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMEs) – which comprise the bulk of construction industry firms – and, as well as some of the high-end solutions such as Aconex, Asite, Autodesk BIM360, Bentley ProjectWise, GroupBC and Viewpoint For Projects, would therefore appear to be competing with rivals such as BuilderStorm (July 2017 post).

Sherlayer’s website offers some case studies upon request but otherwise provides no details about current customers or projects where the solution is being used, nor metrics on numbers of projects, users, etc.

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