Xinaps presents Verifi3D at AU London

Dutch company Xinaps demonstrated its new Software-as-a-Service BIM data validation product, Verifi3D, for the first time at Autodesk University London.

Dutch company Xinaps presented its new Software-as-a-Service BIM data validation product, Verifi3D, at the Autodesk University event in London (18-19 June 2019). While Verifi3D is set to be officially launched at Autodesk University in Las Vegas in November 2019, founder and CEO Frank Schuyer has been warming up the market for several months.* As well as Verifi3D, Delft-based Xinaps, founded in 2015, also develops building product configurators.

Verifi3D’s rule editor allows design checks to be defined and customized by the user to align the model with local regulations and client requirements. Schuyer’s initial focus was on showing if, and how, buildings met regulatory and project-specific requirements regarding accessibility and life safety compliance. The latter is particularly topical in the UK following the Grenfell Tower fire disaster, the ensuing Hackitt report, and ongoing discussions about mandating the “golden thread of information” into future building regulations.

Verifi3D logoThe latest development for Verifi3D allows users to upload Autodesk Revit and IFC (industry foundation class) files directly into Xinaps’ cloud environment. Users can then classify their building model data, visualise it in 3D and 2D and validate it using data and geometric checks. As such, it offers a SaaS alternative to other model-checking solutions such as Solibri (acquired by Nemetschek in 2015), and competes with Invicara’s BIM Assure (2016 post, 2018 interview with founder Anand Mecheri), albeit being more focused on fire safety and accessibility.

Verify3D integration

Verifi3D is now also seamlessly integrated with Autodesk BIM 360 construction management platform and the optimised digital workflow was demonstrated by Xinaps for the first time at AU London. According to the Xinaps team:

“The collaboration with Autodesk will allow us to create a comprehensive experience for our users and to further facilitate the digitalization of the AEC industry. Our mission is to automate, simplify and optimize the design and build process through the power of technology. Verifi3D will allow VDC professionals to enhance their workflow and to automate many of the pre-construction stage
processes. Autodesk is one of the biggest innovators in the industry and collaborating with them was a logical next step in accomplishing our goal.”

Ilai Rotbaein, senior director of Autodesk’s BIM 360 product team said:

“Construction is a high risk, low margin industry in which things can go wrong at any time. Xinaps Verifi3D helps design and construction teams reduce costly errors and delays during preconstruction and throughout the project by offering a real-time, cloud-based solution for teams to review models, check for clashes, and ensure building rules and regulations are addressed in the model. We are pleased to have Xinaps as an integration partner and we believe this will be a welcome solution for our shared customers.”

[* Disclosure: Ltd provided consultancy services to Xinaps in late 2018.]

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