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City-Insights = asset insights

City-Insights - handover

City-Insights potentially does more than ‘tell stories about places’ – as a mobile web tool, it could be used by construction and property professionals for a host of hyper-local internal and external communication purposes. The recent COMIT* community day, as usual, welcomed some new members and a few guests. Among the former was City-Insights, a young (c. …

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Tender.ly now available as download

Just over six months ago, I discovered a one-page website about Tender.ly, web-based software for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) companies to conduct their tendering for suppliers and subcontractors. Originally pencilled in for late 2009 and then February 2010, the launch date slipped a bit (as with many software projects), but a server version of …

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Drop into drop.io

I had a transatlantic meeting via Skype this afternoon with three of the people at Brooklyn, New York-based drop.io, providers of “simple real-time sharing, collaboration, and presentation”. Their Software-as-a-Service solution has already achieved some media attention in the US – though the focus to date has been on generic file-sharing rather than on enabling industry-specific …

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