Australian standard for document control

Judging from the number of comments on posts about construction document controller training, there is a thirst for information on this subject. Latest news from Perth, Australia-based training business neXadyne (post) is that it submitted a late 2013 proposal to Standards Australia for the development of a national Standard for Document Control.

This proposal has since been approved and work on the developing a new Australian standard will start shortly, with a committee that includes neXadyne and representatives from employers, government organisations, professional and technical associations, and research and academic organisations (what about collaboration technology vendors?). neXadyne’s Deborah Wilson says:

The standard will help to –

  • promote common Document Control practices across organisational boundaries
  • enhance Business-to-Business Document Control communications
  • enable appropriate placement personnel based on level of qualification

We see the development of the Document Control standard as a milestone event for Document Control, which underscores neXadyne’s committment to adding value to the industry.

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    • Hamish on 10 February 2014 at 7:02 am

    I’d be interested to hear if Aconex have any response to make on this development considering that they were the first to develop and implement an accredited document management training course which they then abandoned after 2 years without explanation.

    I wonder if they can say “missed the boat”?

    1. Well remembered. They first launched their course in December 2010 and it became a Document Control Essentials offering about 18 months later, and Aconex still have a page on their website about the service with Aegis-Inspire.

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