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Australian standard for document control

Judging from the number of comments on posts about construction document controller training, there is a thirst for information on this subject. Latest news from Perth, Australia-based training business neXadyne (post) is that it submitted a late 2013 proposal to Standards Australia for the development of a national Standard for Document Control. This proposal has since been approved …

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2012 on ExtranetEvolution: stats

2012 was the first full calendar year for ExtranetEvolution on WordPress, and I have just been looking at my annual statistics from Google Analytics, and comparing the year’s traffic with that of 2011 (post). During the year, the blog delivered 82,936 page impressions (up over a third on the near-60k recorded in 2011), generated from …

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neXadyne offers document control training as an RTO

According to a news release from neXadyne, the Training Accreditation Council in Western Australia has granted approval for neXadyne Pty Ltd to operate as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This follows the launch of the company’s document control courses in February 2012 (post) – an area where SaaS document collaboration vendor Aconex is also active …

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Document Control Essentials

Melbourne-based Aconex has been looking to dominate the Australasian market in more than just provision of SaaS construction collaboration software – it also wants to dominate delivery of document control training. I have written before (December 2010) about its training programme for document controllers, but this now appears to be delivered by a dedicated business, …

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neXadyne develops “world-first accredited training courses for document control”

Perth, Western Australia-based neXadyne has launched what it says are the world’s first accredited training courses for document control. The company, experienced in the mining and oil and gas sectors, has developed its courses in collaboration with leading Australian companies, and the qualifications have been accredited by the Training Accreditation Council Western Australia. neXadyne’s Deborah Wilson …

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