Extranet blogging: a lonely experience

The emergence of corporate blogging has been discussed on these pages before, but it seems it has yet to take off in the collaboration technology space in the way it has in the CAD world, for example. At PR, Marketing and the Business of CAD, there is talk about the domination of the CAD blogspace by blogs about AutoCAD – including several from Autodesk people. Fortunately, perhaps, in the extranet blogspace, there appear to be far fewer blogs (and none, it seems, by people related to Autodesk Buzzsaw).

Apart from Extranet Evolution, Technorati‘s blog-finder only lists one other ‘extranet’ blog (while called ‘Extranet’ it appears to be mainly focuses on gaming) and EE dominates the ‘extranet’-tagged posts. Search a little bit more and you may find Legal Extranet (focused on solutions for lawyers), or Nathan Doughty’s Free Collaboration (not expressly about extranets, but Nathan works for vendor Asite) and Wes Smith’s AEConDemand. However, I could find no more, and – excepting EE – precious few mentions in blogs for most of the vendors, whether US, UK or elsewhere.

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