Extranet use: “anything but widespread”

According to an informal reader survey by US online mag ConstrucTech, while the team concept is alive and well, and web-based collaboration technology has stepped to the fore, use of these solutions is anything but widespread throughout the marketplace: "only 14% are using Web-based collaboration technology on all projects".

"The norm in the market is using this technology on a few projects — 40% of respondents indicated this to be true. Roughly 32% of respondents indicated they are not using Web-based collaborative technology at all. … Experts believe the key for these solutions being embraced with greater abundance is large contractors and owner organizations dictating their use to team members during the preconstruction stage."

So: still substantial scope for growth in the US collaboration market, and the figures are not dissimilar to surveys undertaken in the UK (only last month, I mentioned a CAD managers’ survey that suggested extranets were used for 13.8% of information issues).

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