Asite interim results

UK-based collaboration vendor Asite has issued its interim results for the half-year to 30 June 2006 (view Stock Exchange announcement).

  • Asite turnover continues to slide, down 9% from £0.793m in 2005 to £0.719m this year (the full 2005 results also showed turnover down 9% on the previous year).
  • Operating losses for the period amount to £0.331m (an improvement on the same period in 2005: £0.959m) – mainly due to dramatic cuts in sales and distribution costs and administration expenses.

Trying to put an optimistic spin on things, the chairman’s statement says:

“Take up and usage of the Asite platform remains strong.  The number of users accessing the platform between January and June 2006 totals 404,604 an increase of 45% on the same period in 2005.”

I think this actually means that users have accessed Asite’s system 404,604 times – I very much doubt that Asite has that many individual users. To put this into context, one of Asite’s competitors, BIW Technologies, registered some two million logins to its collaboration platform last year (see BIW news release).

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