Sep 04 2009

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Aconex UK jumps forward

The UK operation of Australia-based online construction collaboration technology vendor Aconex tended to lag behind its home-grown competitors, but in the past couple of years it appears the London office has made a great leap forward. The latest published results (up to 30 June 2008) show it dramatically increased its turnover and reported a healthy profit, vaulting it ahead of some of its longer-established local rivals.

Before the current recession really took hold, in the 12 months to June 2008, Aconex (UK) Ltd reported revenues of £1.909m, over three times the £0.552m it achieved the previous year (see Aconex (UK) Ltd – 2007 update). Simultaneously, a slight loss was replaced by a healthy pre-tax profit of £0.732m.

The UK business has also been expanding operations in eastern Europe and north Africa, establishing collaboration subsidiaries in Romania (Aconex Romania) and in Algeria (Aconex Maghreb); when I met Aconex operations director Paul Perrett recently he confirmed the success of their ventures into eastern Europe and into north African states.

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  1. www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkhwlR5NHOeb4Bv49tCuvc2pcOGrfULv4k

    Last year was certainly the year that Aconex in the UK gained scale, as your updated graph shows: http://www.extranetevolution.com/extranet_evolution/2009/09/sword-ctspace-in-recovery-mode.html.
    It’s probably also worth putting the UK performance in the context of a global Aconex business that invoiced A$41.6m (GBP22.25m at average exchange rates).
    Frank Carron, Aconex

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