Holobuilder releases JobWalk Planner

HoloBuilder releases JobWalk Planner for 360° construction documentation planning to improve office-to-site communication

HoloBuilder LogoHoloBuilder, the California, US-based provider of 360° reality capture solutions for construction sites, has added a “JobWalk Planner” feature to its reality capture solution for improved office-to-site communication. JobWalk Planner enables off-site stakeholders to pre-plan construction documentation sequences for their teams. By placing markers onto floor plans in the HoloBuilder Web Editor and sending notifications to their teams, managers can easily plan and communicate locations that have to be captured in 360°.

The improved office-to-field communication workflow accelerates and improves the required briefing of on-site teams about documentation requirements before they start documenting the construction site’s progress with HoloBuilder’s mobile JobWalk App and their 360° camera. The planning feature was built based on customer feedback to facilitate team management and planning of job walks to ensure a perfectly executed site documentation that leaves no room for error or forgotten site images. Matthew R. Calzon, principal designer at Hazen and Sawyer, says:

“The new JobWalk Planner is a pivotal feature. It allows our project managers across the country to efficiently identify the capture points prior to a site visit. As a result, our design engineers can quickly understand the intent for a seamless and complete workflow.”

Efficient reality capture

HoloBuilder JobWalk PlannerTraditionally, the communication of documentation locations across different team members has been performed via onsite instruction meetings or by using different software for marking up capture locations on the floor plan before uploading it to the HoloBuilder platform. By eliminating these efforts, construction teams can further increase their efficiency and reduce time spent on the planning of construction documentation.

Key beneficiaries of this feature will be the headquarters and managers who work across multiple projects. These stakeholders will see a tremendous improvement in data quality, standardisation, and scalability when rolling out best practices around progress documentation to many sites at the same time. Mostafa Akbari, CEO and founder of HoloBuilder says:

“Ensuring high data quality for our customers is of key importance to everything we do at HoloBuilder. After pre-planning hundreds of JobWalks with our customers, we decided to build an easy and efficient tool that helps the planning of reality captures before the team heads on site to enable higher data quality for our customers. Especially when the person who wants to consume the data will not be the person who captures it, the communication between the two turned out to be tricky in the past. With the JobWalk Planner, the office-to-field communication between superintendents, engineers, designers and all other managers with their teams in the field becomes much easier. Managers can easily ensure that their teams will never miss an important image again. Thus, everybody is on the same page, knows what matters and can capture smart, not hard!”

Holobuilder began to expand into Europe in early 2018 (post), and has been developing artificial intelligence capabilities in its platform (post).

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