Wilkinson’s book: “extremely helpful …, clearly and logically laid out”

Two reviews in the space of a week! Following the piece in QS News (see Friday’s post), I have just been shown a piece in the latest Property Week, where Ian Wall, chief executive of the EDI Group, looks at three books for Christmas.

"Paul Wilkinson’s Construction Collaboration Technologies, subtitled ‘The Extranet Evolution’, will be extremely helpful to those of us in the industry who have been subject to presentations by consultants or demands by clients to take up these technologies. It is clearly and logically laid out and not only deals with the practical application of web-based collaboration technologies but also how they can support partnering in the construction industry.

"If there is a weakness, it is that it does not look far enough beyond the construction of buildings to their whole-life maintenance and, ultimately, recycling, for which such systems provide a powerful platform. However anyone involved, or thinking of becoming involved, in such systems could usefully consult this book."

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