Interwoven enters US AEC market

Thanks to, I was alerted to an Interwoven press release announcing an alliance with Data Builder to market a new electronic project control system (Data Builder e-PCS) for the US construction industry (available as both a hosted or managed service).

Interwoven is well-known for its enterprise content management solutions, and through its Data Builder partnership will now be competing in the collaboration market with AEC-specific US software firms such as Meridian,, Autodesk Buzzsaw/Constructware, Primavera, Citadon, etc.

The strategy may appeal to existing Interwoven customers who are involved in construction projects and can mandate use of the system to their chosen project team, and the alliance with an existing provider of software to the AEC market will help overcome objections that Interwoven has little track record in the AEC sector.

(Incidentally, the Interwoven release scores high on the ‘leveraging’ count – using that word or ‘leverage’ five times in five consecutive sentences in the first two paragraphs alone.)

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