Long overdue CICA changes (2)

Further to my 24 February post regarding the UK’s Construction Industry Computing Association, I today received a letter (though I would have thought an email would have been more appropriate for an IT organisation) from Roy Harper (chairman of the CICA Advisory Board) updating me on developments. The most significant has been the launch of a new CICA website.

It certainly looks much more professional, but unfortunately the overhaul has not extended to an update of the site’s content. Its case studies and guidance notes and its briefing notes on "extranets" are very out-of-date, and do the sector no favours at all.

If the CICA is serious about offering its membership "a valuable, but also a valued, set of offerings" (to use Harper’s own words), then it should set about updating this material as soon as possible. As a first step, I suggest the CICA should approach the NCCTP to reuse some of its material.

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