Knowledge – an untapped resource

Inbetween the PIECC event on Tuesday and yesterday’s Constructing Excellence event, I attended a seminar at the RICS organised by an Oxford Brookes University team, led by Esra Kurun, presenting a study of social networks and their role in knowledge management.

It was interesting stuff. There were two case studies, the first from Bovis Lend Lease (with knowledge manager Linda Chandler talking about their internal iKonnect and communities of practice schemes, as well as the project team study undertaken with the academics); the second featured GlaxoSmithKline’s Martin Yeadon and Currie & Brown. Both case studies involved research interviews of project team members, and used social network analysis to assess how well the team managed its knowledge resources. It prompted some ideas that I may well be following up with our friends at Bovis Lend Lease.

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