Disappearing domains

Sorting out some old website bookmarks on my home PC, I found a few construction IT and e-business ones dating back, in some cases, to 2000 (ie: before the dot.com bubble burst in 2001). Since then, numerous businesses have merged, rebranded or simply disappeared; for example:

  • Architec.net – “page cannot be displayed”
  • Bidcom – merged into Citadon, which merged into CTSpace
  • BuildOnline – merged into CTSpace
  • BuildPoint.com – clicks through to isqft.com (offers Internet Plan Room services)
  • Buildingwork.com – domain for sale
  • Citadon – see Bidcom above
  • Clicksure.com – domain for sale
  • Construction-uk.com – iCorporation website holding page says offices badly damaged by fire and websites unavailable until further notice
  • e-businessreview.co.uk – “page cannot be displayed”
  • E-construct – Clicks through to firstM.co.uk, a former website design business
  • iScraper – Nothing. (iScraper went bust in 2001. BIW took UK business; BuildOnline took over iScraper’s mainland Europe projects)
  • UKonlineforbusiness.gov.uk – “page cannot be displayed”


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