Google Wave and project collaboration

I wrote on 29 May 2009 about Google Wave, and have just got round to reading a great post by my friend and fellow Be2camp co-founder Jodie Miners where she talks about Google Wave and its potential for project collaboration in the construction sector. Read her post here. Like me, she reckons that Wave is unlikely to replace construction project-specific document management systems for major projects, but reckons it could be used to manage small projects, and perhaps to improve management of meetings, form processing and photo management. She also talks about the Incite product Keystone (see my post), and its potential to place photos in context on floor plans. Jodie also usefully links to some other articles on the same topic before concluding with some thoughts regarding construction use of social media (I am a bit more positive about how AEC professionals are adopting Web 2.0, but we still have a long way to go! – see my pwcom2.0 post earlier this week) and the potential use of Google Wave in facilities management. I look forward to her ‘new Wave’ thoughts: a ‘part 2’ is promised for some future date. Update (28 July 2009): Good overview of Google Wave by Dion Hinchcliffe here.

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