Another AEC document sharing solution

I just came across, a relatively recent arrival on the AEC scene. Created by a Charlotte, North Carolina, USA-based company called Intermarket Solutions LLC, MyConstructionDocuments is yet another web-based file-sharing service.

No details of the monthly costs are available on the site (prospective customers need to call or email the vendor), but the service can be purchased based on various user tiers (25, 50, 75, enterprise, or per user), with invoices sent out according to the “the amount of uses used that month”, making the solution “flexible and easy to maintain in times of little activity or a project boom”.

On the face of it, this is a simple product that acts as little more than an electronic filing cabinet – no sophisticated mark-up or commenting tools, no support for construction processes. For those businesses that just want some online storage for drawings and documents, this will probably suffice (but the online planroom space is a very competitive market – I’ve mentioned Procore, Corecon, Coreworx and EADOC, among others, in the past). But if you want to collaborate on details, manage workflows or need good search or reporting tools, there are several more advanced solutions, from both US and international vendors, on the market.

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