Comindware and ElasticData flexibility

I wrote about Comindware last August, and the company has been in touch regarding an update release of its web-based workflow automation and task management solution.

While this is not a construction-specific solution, it is aimed at project-based industries (I have just been looking at example workflows for marketing projects or HR processes; there are solutions for IT helpdesks and software development, among others), and the latest update:

  • makes Comindware Tracker available from mobile devices, and
  • enables tasks and items to be created via email.

Comindware’s website highlights its use of “ultra-flexible, next-generation data management technology” (last year I think it described this as ‘Semantic Data Storage’):

ElasticData is based on the Graph data model, a type of database which was conceived to overcome the restrictions and rigidity of the Relational data model. The Graph data model inherently provides much more flexibility in defining data structures and modification of those structures on-the-fly. This is due to a much more flexible approach to storing and managing data.

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