Jun 02 2008

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Blog milestone hit by fire

From time to time I review the statistics for traffic through this blog (see October 2006 here and October 2007 here, for example), and was looking forward to a minor milestone last month, when the number of ExtranetEvolution.com pageloads for the month looked set to pass 4,000. However, a fire at The Planet data centre in Houston knocked out StatCounter.com’s servers and meant 24-30 hours of stats were lost, and – with them – my potential landmark! For the record, excluding the final hours of 31 May, the month saw 3,973 pageloads by 2,475 unique visitors.

Update (03 June 2008) – The Statcounter blog gives a fuller account of the problem. In the meantime, I checked my stats on the TypePad platform (yes, I had a back-up!). It looks like I fell short of the 4,000 pageloads mark by 13.

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