AECcollaborators League

This Twitter League was launched in July 2009, after I wrote about the differing levels of social media adoption among the leading construction collaboration technology vendors. Twitter was one channel I looked at – I started by looking for companies active in the sector and then for individuals who work (or, in my case, once worked) for one of those businesses.

This league is mainly intended to help you find, follow and maybe strike up conversations with people involved in the construction collaboration technology industry. Maybe you use one of the systems and want to keep up-to-date with that provider or want to talk to one of the team? You can also view the League here.

If you think you or your company should be in this league, please let me know (you can also follow @AECcollaborator on Twitter). Please also let me know if you or your company don’t want to be listed here.

As well as followers, the League can show other metrics. The one below shows people and companies in the order they signed up to use Twitter, for instance.

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