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Script&Go logo 2018Rennes, France-based mobile application developer Script&Go is expanding beyond France, opening offices in Montreal, Canada, and in the UK. Since August (soon after my June 2017 post) its developers have been working to adapt its software for the UK market.

Claiming 414% revenue growth from 2014 to 2017, CEO Benoît Jeannin says: “There has a been a real demand for this in the UK. We have assembled a marketing and sales team there that will assist us in adapting BatiScript, our construction management software designed particularly for defect management on tablets and smartphones. We are present in Bath and Birmingham. Being there allows us to meet professionals in the UK market and listen to their needs. Listening is at the heart of our trade.” (Faisal Hamid is the firm’s UK country manager, and attended December’s COMIT community day in High Wycombe).*

In 2018, the company is considering opening an office in Germany. It says 2018 will also see a project to unite the company’s two products, BatiScript and Site Diary. It plans:

  • workflows for document storage and drawing management
  • modules to share ‘defects’ data between different stakeholders (talking about becoming a “social network for real-estate field workers” – not the first vendor to aspire to this, of course; Copenhagen’s GenieBelt and US players FieldLens and JobSite Unite [now closed], among others, have said the same)
  • an event management module, and
  • a module for users to monitor the quality of completed activities

Longer term (like other mobile-first developers), it sees the smartphone as the key device, aiming for intuitive data entry while mobile, while retaining a back office application for data management and reporting. The company says it is researching handwritten (with a stylus) and verbal data entry (contextualised voice recognition) methods. The integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is also part of Script&Go’s product roadmap.

Interested in drones?

COMIT* COMIT is hosting the inaugural meeting of its drone community at Bentley’s offices in the City of London on 25 January 2018. More details here.

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    • Zaf on 4 January 2018 at 7:43 pm

    I noted that Jobsite Unite’s website is showing a 502 error. Are they still operational?

  1. Not sure they are still active. On Linkedin, Jay Olsen (former CEO) ceased involvement in February 2017 and now runs a carpentry business. Twitter and Facebook accounts both dormant. Last app update late 2015.

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