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Hawthorn Glen v Aconex – latest

Just two days ago, in the context of collaboration vendor Aconex‘s 2007 financial results (post updated today to include some additional information from Aconex), I said there had been some court activity in mid-November relating to the Hawthorn Glen Pty Ltd v. Aconex Pty Ltd shares dispute. I now know that these hearings, on 15 and 16 November, related to an …

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Aconex results hit by legal row

Some three months ago, I had a look at the 2006 financial results for Australia-based construction collaboration vendor Aconex, noting that its 2007 results would be available in November (as per Aconex marketing chief Frank Carron’s comment). After a slight delay (auditors requested an extension of time as some areas required additional testing), the latest …

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Aconex court case – latest

Somebody asked me today if the Aconex dispute with one of its shareholders had been resolved (see previous post). The answer is no, at least not yet. Court hearings were held on 9, 10, 12, 15 and 16 October, and the next hearing is scheduled for 2 November. A final ruling may, therefore, still be some …

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Aconex court case – date set for October

  The legal row between Aconex shareholders – Hawthorn Glen Pty Ltd v Aconex Pty Ltd – is set to reach court in Melbourne, Australia on 9 October (see Aconex in Australia shares court row, 22 August 2007). The trial, likely to last around seven days, is likely to have an impact on the running of the fast-growing …

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Aconex in Australia shares court row

The tranquil world of online construction collaboration is not normally rocked by claims of political or financial feuds, but Aconex has unfortunately got caught up in an Australian court wrangle which features two well-known state politicians. Background Aconex was founded by Leigh Jasper (son of National Party MP Ken Jasper) and Rob Phillpot, with initial financial backing …

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