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Reviewing BuildingSMART 2008

I have now had a couple of days to reflect on Wednesday’s BuildingSMART conference in London (see my live-blog posts here and here). My thoughts…. UK lagging behind – Given that it’s an organisation’s annual event, you would expect a lot of the same people to turn up each year, and there were a lot …

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No-Show Day Two

If anything, day two of the Construction Computing 2007 show was worse than day one. Thankfully, the day was shorter – 10am to 3pm – but several exhibitors voted with their feet long before the end. Indeed, my BIW colleague and I were packed up and ready to leave by 3pm, and we walked past …

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The Great Construction Computing no-show

I stood on the BIW Technologies stand today, and I waited  … and I waited…. And people on neighbouring stands waited … and waited…. Then we started muttering to each other…. And then some started muttering discontentedly to the event organisers, BTC…. Yes, the first day of the Construction Computing Show 2007 – despite its new …

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Construction Computing Show 2007 – update

The number of exhibitors for this year’s event (see previous post) has now reached 36. This is not bad, particularly considering that the event also suffers from an unfortunate date clash with the much bigger Civils 2007 show, also in London but at Earl’s Court. It should only take about half an hour to cross London on the …

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Construction Computing Show 2007

The Construction Computing Show 2007 in November will be co-located at the Emirates Stadium, London with Building Computing 2007, an event targeted at “architects and building professionals planning and designing buildings, new and refurbished, with a view to [their] operating IT requirements”. This would seem a sensible step, opening up the event to a wider …

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Construction Computing Show and Awards 2007

Just received an email and media pack from Construction Computing magazine, which mentions plans for the 2007 Construction Computing Show, to be held this year at the Arsenal Emirates Stadium in London, and the associated Awards programme. No dates or further details yet, though the media pack mentions November – when last year’s took place (see Construction Computing Show …

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